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gsm-ussd v0.3.0: Session aware

gsm-ussdPosted by Jochen Fri, May 21, 2010 20:42:41
Alright, you know the drill: v0.3.0 is out.

Why the jump in the version number, you ask? gsm-ussd now supports USSD sessions. Normally, USSD queries are one-shot commands: You ask for some info like your prepaid account balance, receive an answer and you're done. But sometimes, the answer requests more information from you and displays a simple menu or some text with instructions which data to enter.

Now you can a further calls to gsm-ussd to
a) enter the requested data or choose menu entries until you're done
b) cancel the session.

If you'd like an example before you try anything yourself, have a look at ussd-sessions.txt in the docs directory (which will be /usr/share/doc/gsm-ussd-0.3.0/ussd-sessions.txt or /usr/share/doc/gsm-ussd/ussd-sessions.txt for you RPM/DEB users).

Here are the new files for download:

For an overview of all gsm-ussd downloads, have a look at
But please use the most recent version! And if you're tempted to have a look at the innards of gsm-ussd and see if you can hack it to do what you want, don't hesitate to clone the full git repository at

Bye & enjoy,

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