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gsm-ussd 0.2.3: Better all around!

gsm-ussdPosted by Jochen Tue, May 18, 2010 14:41:22

Well, what else do you expect me to say?!? smiley

In a nutshell: v0.2.3 is out.

Please note: If you're using a previous version, do an update. There are combinations of modems and SIM cards out there (in particular Huawei E160/O2-SIM, including O2-Resellers like Tchibo/FONIC) which won't work with gsm-ussd in its previous incarnations.

What happened since v0.2.2?

  1. The echo of the serial interface gets disabled, the echo of the modem enabled. As told above, in some modem/SIM combinations both echoes are enabled, which wreaks havoc on the line...
  2. Original settings of the serial interface will be restored even in case of error or abort by Ctrl-C.
  3. xussd will now only ask for the PIN if it needs to. Please remember that the card will have to be unlocked after three failed PIN entries!
  4. You can supply more than one USSD query on the command line. They will be processed in sequence.

Here are the files for download:

You can always find the latest download at

For completeness' sake, the link to the public repository on

As always, have fun and mail me your successes or problems!


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