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In this blog you'll mainly find all things Linux - problems, solutions, reports, rants, tips & tricks etc. with the occasional off-topic entry thrown in. You never would have guessed looking at the URL, huh?
In diesem Blog findet ihr hauptsächlich Themen rund um Linux - Probleme, Lösungen, Berichte, Meinungen, Tips & Tricks und dazwischen ein paar überhaupt nicht dazu passende Einträge. Wärt ihr bei der URL nie drauf gekommen, ne?

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AllgemeinPosted by Jochen Fri, April 09, 2010 17:53:25
Hi, all!

After having rented this little corner of the web for about one and a half years, I finally found something to do with it! So now you'll have to suffer through another "Hi, now I'm on the web too" entry on a non-descript blog. But chances are that in a few days, you might eventually see real content! Fetching huh? B^)

As you can see from the name of this blog, it'll be linux centric, but with an eye towards other OSes, too. Its main purpose will be as a hub for my little tools that I want to share with the world. More on that later, I first have to set up a few other things (repository, tar balls, not to mention working source and other trivia...)

So check back in a few days!

By for now,


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