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gsm-ussd 0.3.3: Bugs away!

gsm-ussdPosted by Jochen Tue, June 08, 2010 19:30:55

v0.3.3 is out.

If my redesign of gsm-ussd is good for only one thing, it's ironing out the (last?) bugs in the stable version of gsm-ussd...

Singled out:
The options --cleartext/--no-cleartext didn't work (any more?).
A newline was missing in an error message.
A (seldom used) funtion had a typo in its name.

Reason enough for a bugfix release. Here it is:

Every download of gsm-ussd is here:

And the complete repository of gsm-ussd kan be found at

Have fun, it's working better now!